Pukr Web Design specialise in the design and creation of wordpress, drupal and joomla websites.  Each website we create is done so to the clients requirements.  From listing services on a basic website to a "all singing all dancing" website, we've got you covered.
When designing your website we can also create all social media accounts that you wish to use such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and many others.
All our websites include a full seo service at no additional cost.  There is however a cost for seo optimisation if we did not design the website.
Our prices are competitive, and affordable by all businesses and individuals.
To know more about our design packages please follow this link.
Web Design Packages

E-commerce solutions are available upon request.  We only offer this design hen purchaced in conjunction with our e-commerce products. Have a look at our Our e-commerce products.

Please note that all websites regardless of size must have an ssl certificate installed.  Our SSL Certificates are on sale now.  SSL Certificates can be purchased here.  We will not create websites without the purchase of an ssl certificate.

Pay monthly options are available.  Please discuss this option with us at the point of consultation.


Simply give us an email address and we will sendyou bargains.


WordPress Deluxe

£7.99£6.99 / per month

Website Builder Personal

£3.99£3.19 / per month

Personal Email

£15.99£13.59 / per year

cPanel Economy

£6.99£5.94 / per month

Website Builder Business

£6.99£5.59 / per month

Business Email

£31.99£27.19 / per year